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Miroslav Pudlák (b. March 3, 1961) - Czech composer, conductor and musicologist. He studied composition at Prague Conservatory and musicology at Charles University, Prague and Université Paris VIII. As a student of composition he participated at composer's courses in Darmstadt, Kazimierz and Amsterdam. In 1985 he founded contemporary music ensemble Agon and was its first artistic director until 1990. In 1993 he won the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields orchestra' "Young Composer Award" and the same orchestra commissioned and premiered his orchestra piece "A Winged Creature", later performed also by Jupiter Orchestra in London, by Prague Chamber Orchestra, at ISCM WMD 2000 in Luxembourg and recorded by Prague Philharmonia for the Czech Radio. From 1995 - 1996 Pudlak has been active at California and Oregon universities as visiting composer and lecturer. Since 1996 Miroslav Pudlak has been working as a director of the Czech Music Information Centre. He is teaching music theory at the Academy of Performing Arts (AMU) and at the New York University in Prague. Since 1996 he has been conducting a contemporary music ensemble MoEns (Mondschein Ensemble) which introduced a lot of his music to international festivals. His was commissioned by Deutschland Radio - Koeln, Germany and Klangspuren Festival, Austria. His music was performed at contemporary music festivals and concerts throughout the world (namely US, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Finland, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Mongolia, France and Canada) and recorded on CDs by Arta Records label. Besides concert music Miroslav Pudlak also wrote music for a great number of theatre performances. As a pianist he plays with his experimental jazz group Why Not Patterns.



Selection of works:

  • Rotations and Canons (1983) for wind sextet (fl, ob, cl, Ssax, fg, cor), unlimited duration

  • Spocinuti / At Rest, (1983) for string orchestra, 12'

  • Carousel (1984) for 6 flutes, 6'

  • Letim... / I Am Flying... (1985) for chamber ensemble (fl, ob, cl, vl, vla, vcl, pno, tr ad.lib.), 18'

  • Otisky / Imprints (1985) for chamber ensemble (fl, ob, 2 cl, cor, fg, vl, vla, vcl, cb, vibr.), 8'

  • Voices (1987) for flute and percussion (action performance), 20'

  • Downstream (1998) for chamber ensemble (fl, cl, vla, 2 pno, synth.), 20'

  • Speculum (1988) for chamber ensemble (fl, ob, cl, vl, vla, vcl, pno), 11'

  • Tour de passe-passe (1992)for violin and chamber ensemble (vl; fl, cl, cor, tr, tbn, vla, vcl, cb, pno, perc.), 12'

  • Chaosmos (1992) for chamber ensemble and tape (fl, cl, vl, vla, vcl, pno, tape), 15'

  • The Last Word (1993) for fl, vcl, pno, 8'

  • Give me a firm place... (1993) music for tape (Czech Radio), 8'

  • A Winged Creature (1994) for chamber orchestra (fl, 2 ob, cl, fg, 2cor, 8 vl-1, 6 vl-2, 6 vla, 4 vcl, 2 cb), 14'

  • Chandra / Khandra (1995) for clarinet violoncello and piano, 6'

  • Sextet (1996) for fl, cl, vl, vla, vcl, pno, 11'

  • Encore (1996) for violin and piano, 7'

  • Bimbao (1998) for amplified string quartet, 6'

  • OM-Age (1998) for chamber ensemble (fl, cl, vl, vla, vcl, pno, synth.), 14'

  • Nocturne (1999) for chamber ensemble (fl, cl, vl, vla, vcl, pno), 12'

  • Artmann Songs (1999) for mezzosoprano and piano on poetry by H.C.Artmann, 16'

  • Face of the Night (2000) for flute, clarinet, trumpet, violoncello, piano and cymbalom, 14'

  • Three Worlds (2000) for large orchestra, 12'

  • Small Pleasures (2001) (cl, tr, vla, cb, pno, vibr) 14'

  • In the Shadow of a Sausage, chamber opera on text by H.C.Artmann (2002) 23'

  • Aria, for chamber ensemble (2003) 11'

  • Saxons in Bohemia, chamber opera (2004) 75'

  • Between the Jaws of Encaged Forces, for chamber orchestra (2005)  12' 

  • Another World (2005) (cl, vl, vcl, pno, glock.)  6'

  • Babel Dances (2006) (s.sax, a.sax, t.sax, b.sax, cl, trbn, pno, guit, vl, vcl) 20'

  • Vertical Life (2007) (cl, trbn, pno, guit, vl, vcl, sound track) 14'

  • Post Iucundam (2008) (cl, pno) 8'

  • The Woman and the Serpent (2009) (b.sax, marimba) 8'

  • Kral Majales (2009) (bcl, tbn, vl, vcl, e-guit, pno, sound track) 8'

  • Trio for Violin, Violoncello and Piano (2010), 10'

  • Il cerchio (2012), (sopr, bcl, tbn, vl, vcl, e-guit, pno, sound track) 14'

  • Futurissimo (2014),  (bcl, tbn, vl, vcl, e-guit, pno, sound track) 15'

  • Intuitiva I (2016), (cl, vl, vcl, pno) 9'

  • Intuitiva II (2017), (cl, vl, vcl, pno, acc) 12'

  • Lobelia (2017) pro 4 sopranos and violin

  • Sommeil (2018) for accordion, 13'

  • Intonarumori Concerto (2018), for 3 intonarumori and orchestra 19'

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